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Pro Slicer Ice Melt

Pro Slicer ice melt is created by encapsulating each crystal in liquid deicer to give it the fast melting capabilities of liquid deicer and the long lasting staying power of a granular ice melt. By using a prewetting technology that combines a high performance liquid deicer with a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melt, Pro Slicer has allowed commercial and municipal clients to stop making tradeoffs and enjoy the best of both world.

Quickly melts ice and snow to -20F

Pre-wet deicer means less material and fewer applications are needed

Flows freely even in sub-freezing conditions

Purple color is easily visible and doesn't track or stain

Maintains melting effect even after storms

Safer on skin, sidewalks, leather, metal, plants and pets when used as directed


Pro Slicer Ice Melt Availability


Per Pallet

50 lb. Bags



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Ice Melt & Road Salt

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