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Bulk Highway Road Salt

This highway grade salt is a coarse mixture of all sizes ranging from 3/8” and smaller. It is a consistently mixed product that meets or exceeds ASTM specifications for both particle size grading and purity. Compared to other highway salts it is extremely cost effective and has superior de-icing properties, resistance to blowing, and the ability to begin melting ice quickly. It is a highly effective product used mainly for de-icing of roadways, bridges, parking lots, and other key areas.

Coarse mixture of all sizes ranging from 3/8” and smaller

Meets or exceeds ASRTM specifications

Used mainly for de-icing roadways, bridges, parking lots and other key areas.

Low cost, highly efficient product

Johnson Feed delivers road salt to South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin


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Ice Melt & Road Salt

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